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Scissor and Sellotape

Master Academy 


Taking professionalism and integrity as the standard, our mission is to provide high quality trustee services and to safeguard family wealth and family business. We provide professional training and short-term courses that planned by professional consultants including accountants, lawyers and trust experts.


Our vision is to develop well rounded, confident and responsible professional or expertise who aspire to cultivate wealth inheritance concept to the world. We are commited to enhance industry expertise to provide professional advises on family inheritance topics.

Trust Associate

Strategic Marketing Course

2023 New Course (TST)

December 8, 15 & 22

14:00-18:00 / Fee: $5,800

Curriculum core

Types of trusts

Trust applications and actual cases

Inheritance-based sales skills

Trust operation and practice

Suitable for

Those who are interested in inheritance. 

Practitioners in banking, insurance and financial industries.

Course Lecturer

Lectures by senior professionals within the industry.

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