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Trustee &
Corporate Services

Master Trust establishes personal, family and corporate trust to protect your assets and assists family business to remain abundance and properity.

Master Trust provides Corporate Services from establishment of a company to operation management. We assist to minimize operation costs for small and medium-sized enterprises and to provide efficient and value-added services. 

Our Services

Our Services

  • Trust and Fiduciary Services

  • Corporate Services

Trust & Fiduciary Service

Establish family or  corporate trusts. Make you and your family feel at ease and pass on your wealth.


Manage funds on behalf of an individual or a company. To execute client's instructions and to allocate funds in accordance with the agreements.

Establish HK/ Offshore company

- Hong Kong

- Belize

- British Virgin Islands

- Cayman Islands

- Samoa

- Seychelles 

- Taiwan

- US 

Professional License Application

Assist companies to apply for relevant licenses includes:-

  • TCSP License

  • SFC License

  • Insurance Broker License

Accounting Service

Our accounting team assists your company in completing the accounting works, catering your needs from time to time and allowing your company to save costs.


Master Trust be appointed as directors in managing daily operation of enterprises, to execute agreements and to manage banking.

Company Secretarial Service

Our company secretarial services answers questions when clients need support.


To manage and keep proper statutory book of all companies. Preparing and filing Annual Returns to HK Companies Registry and to ensure that all companies complies with relevant laws and regulations.

Trademark Registration Service

We possess extensive experience in assisting clients to successfully apply for trademarks in various countries.

Importance of registering trademarks:

  • Protect brand commercial rights.

  • trademark owners can license trademarks to third parties for licensing fees and to create extra revenues.

Bank Account

Depending on the needs of our clients, we specialised in assisting investors and enterprises to open bank accounts. Through our close relationship with major banks, we help our clients to schedule appointments with banks. We also assist to prepare required documents to ensure smooth and convenient application process.

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